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HCE, in conjunction with our clients, have developed a Manual Visual Inspection Bench (MVIB) used in the pharmaceutical industry to inspect clear plastic or glass container filled with a liquid drug product. The operator receives the uninspected containers in a tray. These containers are held up to the white and black background under the required illumination to inspect for non-conformities, including damage to the container or stopper, floaters or specs in the liquid. Rejected containers are placed in one of the six reject trays. Approved containers are placed in the dispatch tray. Some of the MVIB features include;.

  • Executed in stainless steel Gr304  with adjustable feet

  • Anti-microbial non-glare powder-coated working surface 

  • Standard 3-pin single phase 16A surge-protected plug

  • Removable black-and-white inspection areas 

  • Removable pleather foam armrest

  • 6 reject trays trays

  • Ergonomic seating position

  • Selection of up to  5 different illumination settings ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 lux

  • Integrated timer for work and rest periods.

  • Caters for both left and right-handed operators. 

  • Validation data pack including URS, RA, IA and, IQ, OQ.

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